Who We Work With

The services we offer focus on partnering closely with you to develop and implement a clear plan for your child and family. We will work to replace unhelpful patterns with interventions that encourage adjustment, minimize behavioral relapses, and decrease chaos. Our hope is that after Home Remedy services, young people have the skills to manage difficult times and parents have the skills to confidently parent their child.

We also work closely with schools to optimize success. This could include advocating for a 504 or IEP, working directly with a school team or intervention specialist, and helping with school behavior problems. We can provide sessions and respond to crisis situations at school, if necessary. Additionally, we partner closely with your other healthcare providers to help assess the efficacy of your child’s overall care.

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Transition Support

Home Remedy clinicians have experience and expertise in the transition from the therapeutic wilderness, residential, or boarding school environment back to the home environment. Starting approximately three weeks prior to discharge, we will work with your family and your child’s therapist/program to develop an appropriate home discharge plan that considers both the strengths and risk factors your child will experience during the transition home.

We will also work with your family to support and continue rehearsing the skills your family learned while your child was away from home. Continuing with individual, family, and caregiver therapy, we work to continue therapeutic progress and develop the confidence your family requires for success in the community.

Finally, we work with other outpatient providers, your school team, and any other systems involved to ensure that your child’s team is unified in our approach.

Our transition program, like our other paths, is a three month commitment.


Home Remedy clinicians are experienced with working with children diagnosed with ADHD. We can help with the symptoms of ADHD that reduce the quality of your child’s life at home, school, and with peers. Using behavioral modification and skill building, we work with children with ADHD and with you to find ways in which your child can be successful.

We will work to help your child develop positive activities outside of the home, help explore appropriate peer relationships, and role-play appropriate interactions with family members and peers.

Defiance/Conduct Issues

Home Remedy clinicians are experienced with working with children diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) or Conduct Disorder (CD).  We can help you develop a parenting style designed to manage difficult behaviors. In addition, we can work with your child directly to increase motivation to stay on track. We work to interrupt the cycles of anger and resentment that can occur in a family with a child who is oppositional by using a collaborative problem solving model that improves communication and outcomes.

Within the community, we will work to help your child develop healthy interests and reconsider negative peer choices.  If your child is involved in the juvenile court system, we will attend court hearings and work directly with their probation or diversion officer to motivate your child to successfully complete court requirements.

Sometimes, children with ODD or CD refuse to participate in Home Remedy at first. We are accustomed to this, and can develop rapport with your child slowly while working with you initially. Because our model is systemic, we have the freedom to work with you and your resources to help create positive change for your child, even without their full participation.

School Avoidance & Disruptive Behavior

Home Remedy clinicians work frequently with children who are avoiding school, who present with chronic absences, or who are experiencing significant behavioral issues at school, resulting in removal from their home school.

We will complete a thorough assessment to understand the underlying cause of your child’s school avoidance or behavioral issues. From there, we will work to address the cause systemically, with help from you, your child’s school, and behavioral interventions. We are available to observe and problem solve barriers during morning wake-up routines, and to help motivate your child to attend school in person. Often, we provide systematic exposure or in-vivo anxiety management for your child as we work to help them return to school.

Anxiety & Phobias

Many families who seek out Home Remedy services have children who are suffering from severe anxiety and require intensive therapy to work through these worries and fears. We will complete an assessment to help us understand the source of your child’s anxiety. Then, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in-vivo exposure, and development of coping skills, we will help your child move forward and address their fears.

Often, severe anxiety in children presents as oppositional behavior. We will help your family identify the ways in which anxiety is impacting your child’s behavior and work to find solutions to problems that arise at home. We will also help you develop a set of parenting skills that supports decreasing anxiety while still holding your child accountable for inappropriate behavior. We will do all of this while also considering and promoting your child’s and family’s strengths.

Depression, Self-harm, & Suicidal Ideation

Home Remedy clinicians are qualified to treat Major Depressive Disorder and other mood disorders. We utilize our systemic model of therapy to help educate families, schools, and community partners on what to expect and how to create success for a child with a mood disorder.

Individually, we will work with your child to develop coping skills, to use evidence-based techniques to stabilize mood, and to find motivation to be an active participant in day-to-day activities.

Often children with mood disorders suffer from ongoing suicidal ideation or self-harm behaviors. We will help your family create and implement a safety plan. If your child requires a safety assessment and additional safety planning during a crisis or difficult time, we prioritize assessing your child’s safety and developing a plan to prevent hospitalization. If your child does require hospitalization, we will support your family and work alongside you as you work with the hospital team’s treatment plan.

Substance Abuse & Dual-Diagnosis

Many Home Remedy clients are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. We work hard to understand the function of substance abuse in their lives and to investigate and minimize contributing factors to abuse. We support families in developing behavior plans to decrease substance abuse; often these plans include building coping skills, treating anxiety or depression, and drug testing, either by you or by your child’s physician. We work to incentivize sobriety and encourage positive behaviors, while setting appropriate limits if substance abuse continues.

If your child is suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs, we will help you find resources that can treat the addiction more individually, while we work to keep your family stabilized.  We will work, ongoing, with your child’s treatment team to ensure that your child receives the proper level of care.

If your child is involved in the juvenile court system, we will attend court hearings and work directly with their probation or diversion officer to motivate your child to successfully complete court requirements.

Autism & Developmental Disorders

Home Remedy clinicians have experience working with children who are diagnosed on the autism spectrum, who have developmental disorders, or who have cognitive delays. We partner with your family by utilizing our systemic model of therapy to help educate other professionals, schools, and community partners about your child’s needs.

We will help your family develop a developmentally appropriate behavior management plan, and we will work to enhance your child’s strengths and incentivize positive behavior.

Finally, we are familiar with the resources available to your family, including your county board, Opportunities of Ohioans with Disabilities, and Family and Children’s First council, and we will work to help your family create a sustainable long-term plan that will set your child up for success, ongoing.

Attachment & Adoption

Many Home Remedy families have adopted children, and our clinicians have experience working with adoption and attachment issues. We are able to design family behavior plans that are sensitive to your child’s needs and will ultimately create a more stable and secure environment for attachment to grow.

In addition, we can help link your family with community resources as you navigate parenting an adopted child through each stage of development, or as you navigate parenting a child with a behavioral health issue.


Unfortunately, many Home Remedy clients have experienced a traumatic event in their lives, and our clinicians have experience working in a trauma-sensitive manner.  We are experienced in helping families, schools, and community supports understand and address behavioral issues related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We are able to work with families to create a safe and supportive environment while decreasing behavioral outbursts. For individual trauma treatment, we are able to help link your child with trauma trained clinicians and programs in our community.

Co-parenting & Divorcing Families

One of the most important aspects of our program is supporting you as you parent in a way that meets the needs of your family and your child. We work closely with parents who are struggling to parent as a team.  Often, parents’ relationships have been impacted by their child’s behaviors, and we see couples inadvertently working against one another instead of together. We work to help parents reconnect and parent on the same page.

Home Remedy clinicians also work closely with two-home families to strengthen co-parenting, decrease loopholes related to inconsistency between homes, and support and foster each family’s strengths. We ask that parents who are co-parenting our clients are able to meet together, or are willing to work towards this relatively quickly, as we see the most success when parents are working together.

LGBTQIA Sensitive Treatment

Our clinicians practice inclusively and have experience working with LGBTQIA youth and their families. As we address your child’s presenting problems, we will be sensitive to his or her needs and practice in a culturally competent manner.

In addition, we can help link your family with safe and competent community resources, both during and after treatment.

Technology & Screen Addiction

Many clients struggling with other behavioral health issues have turned to excessive electronic use to cope with internal struggles. We are experienced with technology overuse, and if your child is suffering negative life consequences from internet or video game use (loss of friends, not attending school, communicating with strangers, seeking out pornography, staying up all night, online bullying, excessive and inappropriate social media use) we can help to develop a plan to decrease electronic use, learn and rehearse healthy electronic use, and increase positive activities.

In addition, we can help families develop healthy technology-use plans that apply to all members of the family.  

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