Before Home Remedy our daughter was dysregulated, had been expelled from school, was self-harming, and was in an out of emergency  psychiatric hospitalization related to depression, bipolar, oppositional defiant disorder, and  suicidal inclinations.

She’s now a self-aware, motivated, structured, employed, college honor student. Her growing  psychomotor/neurological maturity, medication, and effective therapy all helped. So did Home Remedy, where other approaches fell short.

We are so happy and thankful with the changes our daughter was able to make to her life due to our time working with Home Remedy. We had tried many things to help her get back to school or even just leave the house and nothing worked. After working with Home Remedy, she has returned to school and is now having good times and successes in her life. This would not have been possible without Home Remedy!

We had been looking for the right help for our daughter for over ten years. We finally found it with Home Remedy.

Emily is a top-notch therapist with a level of understanding and empathy that allowed us to identity and treat the problems that were causing our daughter to struggle and our family to suffer. The fact that she and the rest of the Home Remedy team were on call 24/7 allowed us to finally have the chance for someone else to witness the troubles we had at home, most of which happened late at night, and then provide the proper help.

In addition to therapy, Home Remedy also helped us navigate the IEP process and learn about other resources that were available to help us. They also set us up with a regular therapist to follow up with treatment after our three months with HR was over, finding us a wonderful match for our daughter and her ongoing therapy.

We were so desperate when we started with Home Remedy and we are in a wonderful place now. After ten years of trying, everything finally improved for us after our time with Home Remedy.

Our high-achieving, well-adjusted, spirited daughter fell into a pit of anxiety and depression during the transition to High School. We were baffled, frustrated, scared, and felt helpless as we watched her slip deeper into that well of despair. We tried everything—including medication, traditional counseling, and multiple hospitalizations—nothing was working. We were desperate to help our daughter and bring her back. A hospital social worker suggested we try Home Remedy.

We do not know where we would be without Ashley’s school intervention, compassion, and concrete plan to help pull our daughter out of the dark waters of depression and anxiety. Ashley was an angel to our daughter and entire family.

Fast-forward two years later our daughter is thriving! It’s almost as if that horrible time was a very bad dream. Today, she is a resilient honor roll student, active, social, goal-oriented, driving, and happy!

We are forever grateful to Ashley and Home Remedy and pray that other parents facing this nightmare will discover Home Remedy and experience the same relief and joy that we have.